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Tel: 083 225 1111 (Mon-Fri 08:00-16:30)

Deliveries:  Charged at AA rates.  Servicing Gauteng. Mon-Fri (08:00-17:00)

Courier: Only Iced Cookies are couriered (country wide)

Collections: From Ravenswood in Boksburg, Mon-Fri (08:00-17:00) and Sat (08:00-10:00)

Quotes: Prices vary – Please email me with the following info:

  • Item; Date required; Quantity/ number of servings; Location / Venue for delivery; Preferred cake flavour/s; Design ideas (include pics if applicable);

NB!!! No order is confirmed without a deposit.



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Sensational Suga was inspired by my love of chocolate, sugar and all things sweet. At first it was just a personal little indulgence but I soon realised that, like everything else in life, baked goods taste even better when shared with those you love. With that, weekends previously reserved for use solely as a time to catch up on my marketing degree studies, turned into baking marathons.

It wasn’t long before the word spread by mouth and in 2013, I quit my corporate job and followed my passion full time. With that, Sensational Suga was born. In January 2017 I started sharing my love for what I do by teaching. I began with Cookie Decorating because that’s my first love. My Classes continue to grow and it’s incredibly rewarding to see my students evolve and improve!

Sensational: A word meaning to cause intense interest, curiosity or emotion; arresting; stunning. Basically, everything that sweetness means to me and what I want to evoke in my clients. By constantly striving to be innovative and creating products that I would be happy to eat, curled up on a couch with nothing but my spoon and a plate of sweet, indulgent goodness, I know what it takes to keep my customers happy.

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