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Sensational Suga turns 6!

1 May 2019

Yay! 🙌 6 years! Where has the time gone? I can’t believe that today, 6 years ago I quit my stuffy corporatelife and followed my passion into the colourful world of Cake-ing! 🍰

It hasn’t been easy and I by no means get it right all the time. Hell no! But (and that’s a big butt, the one that this job has given me 😂) at the end of the day, it gives me purpose, fills my heart, makes me proud and most importantly brings joy to everyone that supports me.

I started teaching almost 3 years ago and have loved seeing my students surprise themselves at how wonderfully talented they are and watching them sharpen their skill with practice, practice, practice.

Thank you to each and every follower, loyal customer, student, friend and family… you continue to support me and it means the world to me! 💙 I’ll keep soaking it up for as long as I can.

Yours in sparkly cake love, Crystal 💙

📷: @lillymaephotographysa turns 5!

1 May 2019

Best Nine for 2018: Cakes, Cookies, Memories, Oreos

2018 was my absolute favourite year of the business filled with lots of new challenges, opportunities, milestones reached and lessons learned. It sounds cliche but I’m incredibly blessed to live out my passion! It’s hard work but it makes me happy and I’ll soak it up for as long as I have it 💙💙💙💙💙 5 years, 6 months and counting!

Gareth Cliff’s Birthday!

29 August 2018

Gareth Cliff doesn’t like to be fussed over, especially when it’s his birthday, but what is a birthday without Cake?!

This very trendy, ultra modern, sharp edged industrial Cement and Isomalt sail Cake was comprised of dark Chocolate Mud Cake, dark Chocolate Ganache and fresh Raspberries.

They celebrated Gareth’s birthday alongside CliffCentral‘s Station Manager, Greg who turned 30 today!

I’ve been honoured to create Gareth’s Cakes for the past 5 years 💛💙

My Cookie Masterpieces!

12 August 2018

If I want to be one of the best, offer the best to my Clients and Students then I need to ensure that going forward I learn from the best!

Many of you may know that Cookies are my first love so imagine the excitement when I got to attend an advanced Cookie Decorating Class with Marta from @thecookielab all the way from Portugal. 💙

I love drawing inspiration from the artists in the world that show passion through their work and Marta does just that! 💙


Women’s Month Feature in Hello Joburg Magazine – Aug 2018

I’m honoured to have been included in the Hello Joburg Magazine ‘Lady Foodies’ feature.

“Be a Pineapple🍍stand tall, wear a Crown and be sweet on the inside” – the essence of Women.

Hello Joburg Magazine


World’s Largest 3D Mandela Statue Cake

23-28 July 2018

Last week, a team of 3 of us and 2 assistants, assisted Dot from Eat Cake Party (the mastermind behind this project) to create this magical 750kg, 3 metre tall Mandela Cake at Sandton City Shopping Centre.

No one can quite imagine the vision she had until we saw the end result and as you can see, it was sensational!!
See full article here.

Sensational Suga turns 5!!!!!

1 July 2018

The past 5 years have by no means been entirely sensational, but without a doubt, the most rewarding and happiest of my life! When I quit the corporate world 5 years ago today, never did I imagine it was possible to do what I love and (as of last year), share my love of Suga through teaching!

It was my initial goal to reach 5 years and it is with much contentment that I can admit that I no longer feel I need to prove anything to myself,nor to anyone else. I made it and I’m darn proud!

I have the most loyal clients and students and am forever grateful for the journey Sensational Suga has taken me on… both personally and in business. May there be 2, 5 or who knows, 50 more years ahead!

To my Mom, who has always been my greatest supporter, I could never have done any of this without her. A Mother’s love is one of a kind!

Thank you to everyone who has believed in and supported me along the way! 💙

I celebrated at David Higgs Chef‘s quintessential restaurant, Marble. The back drop for my Cake is the hand painted ceramic wall tiles made by Mervyn Gers Ceramics at Marble. It’s absolutely picture perfect with marbled chocolate finishing and topped off with a gold chocolate Crown.

“Crowns aren’t made of rhinestones, they’re made of discipline, determination and courage” – unknown. These have been the 💙 of my success

CliffCentral celebrates Mabz’s birthday!

13 June 2018

It was too fun making Mabale’s Cake again this year as I got to play with very trendy, textured buttercream.  Mabz has been with Gareth Cliff on the Gareth Cliff Show for ten whole years! Sadly, she’ll be leaving the CliffCentral team this week as she continues her career in TV production. Here’s wishing her a fabulous birthday and continued success in her new adventure!

Click here to listen in on the podcast as I present the Cake to her.

Did someone say Cookie?!

26 May 2018

Nothing inspires me more than a party theme this cute! Franco’s mommy’s gave me free reign to work my magic and I love how everything turned out! The party treats included a Cake, Cake Smash, Cookies, chocolate covered Oreos, Rice Krispy Treats and Cupcakes.
Cake Smash Photos by Adele Joubert from Loving Grace Photography

My favourite party theme, ever!

Y’all know how much I love Cookies and Cake but imagine my excitement when my Client wanted Cookies on a Cake AND the theme was Woodlands  The animals were inspired by the party decor!

The party treats included a Cake, Cookies, Hedgehog Meringues and Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Cliff Central turns 4!

30 April 2018

As a fellow entrepreneur, Gareth Cliff has always been a great inspiration! Unknowingly, he inspires me to push boundaries, evolve, innovate, brace my fears and make things happen. It’s been such a pleasure to see Cliff Central grow in the past 4 years and for me to be a part of each celebration in an extra sweet way!
Congratulations to Gareth, Rina and the team!
Listen to our catch up here: Podcast

Cliff Central Turns 4

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Gary Player inspired Cake for CliffCentral

1 December 2017

A highlight of my career was making Gareth Cliff’s 40th Bobblehead Cake, but this Gary Player inspired cake is without a doubt another one of my favourites for CliffCentral!
Thank you to UP UP AND AWAY and Retha Joubert for your contribution to Ben Karpinski’s birthday at TheBounce!

Watch the video HERE!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

PINKtober brings you #BreastCancerAwareness month!

Project Flamingo graciously sponsors breast cancer surgeries. Surgeons and Anesthetists donate their time and skills for free. They also put carefully thought out Pamper Packs together which you can contribute towards.Check out:

We celebrated Gareth Cliff’s 40th

25 August 2017

I’ve had the honour of making Gareth’s birthday cakes for the past 4 years.  This year for his 40th, I challenged myself with a Bobblehead Cake… and yes, it bobbled! See Facebook or Instagram for the video clip.


Mabale’s birthday at Cliff Central

13 June 2017

Each year I get to create something for each person on The Gareth Cliff Show and this month, it was Mabale’s birthday. I felt creative and whipped out my paint brush to create this latest cake fad – The Brush Stroke Cake! It’s always a treat to catch up with the team. Listen to the podcast HERE! You can also watch the brief video of the arrival of the cake HERE!

Mabale Brush Stroke Cake 2017 at Cliff Central 2

Cliff Central turns 3!

1 May 2017

I am so honoured to be a part of the Cliff Central family and to share in yet another one of their birthdays ! For this birthday, I got to make an out of the ordinary, modern twist on the currently trending semi-naked, water colour drip cakes with a touch of gold leaf. I included “The best is yet to come” on the cake board as that was the last sentence in Gareth Cliff‘s latest book and it sets the tone for everything going forward for CliffCentral. Congratulations to Gareth, Rina and the team!

Thank you to UP UP AND AWAY for the absolutely gorgeous balloon!

I caught up with Gareth Cliff and chatted about my upcoming Classes

22 March 2017

You can listen to the CliffCentral podcast with Gareth here from 35mins onwards:

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My Favourites from 2016!

We celebrate Gareth Cliff’s birthday for the 3rd year in a row!

26 August 2016


Cliff Central Turns 2

02 May 2015

They said Cliff Central wouldn’t last 6 months and yet here they are 2 years later! Congrats to Gareth, Rina and the rest of the team. I was extra proud when Gareth Cliff thanked me in his speech (available on It has been such an honour to be part of the team since the start!

International Childhood Cancer Day

15 February 2015

It’s INTERNATIONAL CHILDHOOD CANCER DAY today! As Cupcake Angels, my intern, Cassie and I spent the morning at the Peadeatric Oncology Ward at the Wits Donald Gordon Medical Centre to spoil the little warriors with cupcakes on behalf of Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer. Another proud ambassodor, Mrs South Africa 2015 Sarah-Kate was there to spoil the kiddies too with lots of cupcakes! CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA were handing out toys to these special chidlren. What a blessing to be part of such a great cause and create awareness on the Early Warning Signs of Childhood Cancer! Visit the following link to see how you can become a Cupcake Angel, throw a ‘Party of Hope’ or get involved:

St Francis Care Centre Fundraising Tea

On Saturday, 13 February 2015, the St Francis Care Centre held a Valentine’s Fundraising Tea Party at the St Dominic’s Parish Church. All proceeds went to the St Francis Care Centre.

Sensational Suga sponsored a Cake which was raffled off and sold for R1700. A total of R25,000 was raised on the day! A big congratulation to Cynthia and her team for all their dedication and hard work!

St Francis Care Centre:

Our mission is to provide a haven for the terminally ill where they will be nursed in a professional and comfortable environment whilst their physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs are catered for with care and dedication.

‘Life as a Baker Extraordinaire’ Interview on Cliff Central

3 February 2016

Get to know me, my business and my journey by downloading the podcast of my interview on CliffCentral today!

My Favourite Cakes from 2015!

 CaRRol BoYes Charity Open Day

3 September 2015

My morning with Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer at the CaRRoL BoYeS Functional Art Open Day Charity Event. I baked 200 cupcakes which were given out and donations could be made towards this worthy cause.

We celebrate Gareth Cliff’s Birthday

26 August 2015

Happy birthday to the awesome Gareth Cliff! I am so glad to play a sweet role in his birthday once again. For his not so sweet tooth, I always make him my favourite Carrot Cake. Gareth loves Minions so we added a little fun to the cake! We love Cliff Central and the team!

Good Housekeeping Magazine Celebrity Bake Stars

28 July 2015

Queen of Tarts Tina Bester, Expresso’s Zola Nene and the MC for the day, private chef Neill Anthony, joined readers for a magical morning of sweet indulgence and expert baking tips, brought to you by Good Housekeeping, Snowflake, Lancewood, Bakers, Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit, Clicks Love to Bake, Huletts, Miele and Glad.
The event took place at the beautiful KleinKaap Boutique Hotel in Centurion.  Guests got to taste the 20 Bake Stars creations featured in the July issue of the magazine which Sensational Suga were privileged to bake for the Harvest Table.Guests got the opportunity to take part in a raffle and won great prizes. Raffle proceeds went to the Institute of the Blind, a nonprofit organisation that provides accommodation and care for the visually impaired.
All Guests received an amazing Good Housekeeping goody bag full of surprises!

Sensational Suga turns 2!!

01 July 2015

Sensational Suga was inspired by my love of chocolate, sugar and all things sweet.  On 1 July 2013 I quit my Marketing Job at a Financial Services firm, decided to follow my passion and have never looked back! It has by no means been an easy ride through discipline, dedication and trial ‘n error but the joy I receive by seeing my end product and the reactions from my clients is absolutely priceless!A big thanks to each and every one of you that has continued to support me throughout these 2 years! Without my incredibly loyal clients, friends and family it would not have been possible! And number 1 of course to God who has guided me every step of the way and continues to bless me! Looking forward to the next 50 years…

Cliff Central’s 1st Birthday Celebrations

01 May 2015

We were elated to be part of Cliff Central’s 1st Birthday Celebrations with our Sweet Treats!

Check us out in the March Issue of Hello Joburg Magazine

16 March 2015

We celebrated Ben’s birthday at Cliff Central

02 December 2014

We popped into the Cliff Central studio for Ben’s Birthday with Cookies & Cream Cupcakes. Ben shares a birthday with me funnily enough and with Britney Spears :)

We celebrate the launch of Hot FM91.9 with Radio Legends

17 November 2014

Hot FM 91.9 launched live on radio playing Joburg’s Best Old School and R&B. We were asked to do some special cupcakes and got to meet all the radio legends. We also celebrated Mark Scott’s birthday with Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer!

Mrs SA 2015, Sarah-Kate & Darren Scott Celebrate Matthew’s 1st Birthday

24 September 2014

I was honoured and excited to make Matty’s 1st birthday cake. A collaboration of Baby Jake and Barney. The couple graciously opened their home to me and Daniela Moser Photography as we did a Cake Smash photo shoot too.

Damon Kalvari’s Birthday on Cliff Central

01 September 2014

We collaborated with Gareth Cliff to make Damon a jar full of choc chip cookies, white chocolate & cranberry cookies and a cookie monster cupcake! I chatted on air with Gareth, Damon and the team. Happy Birthday to the Master Cookie Monster, Damon!

We celebrated Gareth Cliff’s birthday at Cliff Central

26 August 2014

We popped into the Cliff Central studio to spoil Gareth Cliff to a Carrot Cake topped with Pecan Nut Brittle. The cupcakes were for the team to enjoy.  We chatted with him on air about Sensational Suga for a while. PJ Powers happened to be in studio to sing Happy Birthday to Gareth, so I got to meet her as too.

Hello Joburg Pamper Day for Joburg Bloggers

16 August 2014

The Hello Joburg Magazine held a Pamper Day for all the woman bloggers in Joburg at the Hyde Park Tsogo Sun. Sensational Suga presented each blogger with a personalised cupcake.

Our Display for the Huletts Stand at the Good Housekeeping Magazine Celebrity Bake Stars Event

13 August 2014

My appearance on Cliff Central & Comedy Central

01 June 2014

On Friday, 30 May 2014 we were delighted to treat Gareth Cliff and his team, Mabale Moloi, Leigh-Ann Mol and Damon Kalvari to an “unscripted-uncensored- unradio-inspired” Chocolate Ganache cake (our favourite and most popular).

With all the excitement going on, we unfortunately didn’t take close-up photos of the cake, but below is a sneak peak.  Gareth Cliff graciously allowed me to join the team in Studio and we briefly chatted about the cake etc. The interview was streamed online through We Chat and on DSTV’s channel, 122 Comedy Central.

We love treating the team and will be back soon, so keep your eyes pealed!

I was thrilled with the compliments received by the team too “the best I’ve ever seen”, “very talented” etc.

Our Cupcakes featured on SABC1′s, Sport@10 for Thomas Mlambo’s Birthday

22 May 2014

We were honoured to be asked to make cupcakes for Thomas Mlambo’s Birthday yesterday! Two of the cupcakes were featured on SABC1′s Sport@10 hosted by Thomas.  These 2 cupcakes were given to Zuraida Jardine for a quiz that she won.  We hope Thomas had an extra special day and we’re chuffed to be able to treat him.

Our Feature in the Hello Joburg Magazine – April 2014 Edition

03 May 2014

You can also view the article here.

5FM’s South Park Cupcakes

09 January 2014

We popped into the 5FM Studio to spoil the Morning Drive Team to personalised cupcakes inspired by the South Park theme.

Sensational Suga Gives Back

23 December 2013

We got the privilege to meet a little warrior, Monique and her family on Saturday. Monique is struggling with cancer of the muscles and she has been through chemo and radiation so far. This little angel turned 4 years old on Saturday and we were blessed to give her our ‘Adventure Girl Cake’ to celebrate! She was very camera shy. Although Monique and her family live in Kragbron (outside Sasolburg in the Free State) and struggle to get through each month, you’ll never see so much love in a family despite the struggles they face. We managed to gather cash donations for this family and we pray that they will continue to be blessed! Thank you to everyone that contributed to making this day extra special for her! xx


Privileged to work with Dot from Eat Cake Party

12 December 2013

I had the incredible privilege of working with Dot from Eat Cake Party the past 2 days! As you can see below, we worked hard! Her humility and talent makes Charly’s Bakery and the Cake Boss look (with all due respect) amateur. Dot truly is THE cake artist of the century. She has empowered me and I aspire to be as great as she is! South African’s need to learn and experience what great cake really is…

Get It Magazine – Giving back to Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer

5 November 2013