Gareth Cliff’s 40th Birthday

25 August 2017

I’ve had the honour of making Gareth’s birthday cakes for the past 4 years.  For his 40th, I challenged myself with a Bobblehead Cake… and yes, it bobbled! I used his mini Bobblehead as inspiration.

There’s nothing quite like driving to the Cliff Central headquarters to deliver Gareth’s surprise cake with a decapitated human head on the seat next to me. Heads would literally have rolled had I been pulled over by unsuspecting traffic cops.

With the unseen engineering of the cake and balancing of weight, I didn’t know if the head would bobble until the very last moment when I had to attach it. What would the point of the cake be if it didn’t bobble, right? Nail biting tension! Alas, it was the perfect fit!

It was the first Bobblehead Cake made in South Africa so an incredible acheivement on my part, let alone that it was for Mr Cliff himself.

Watch the Bobble in action here!

Bobblehead Cake



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